What the Wizard of Oz can teach us about Social Media

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What the Wizard of Oz can teach us about Social Media. Beth Rosen @Bethrosen

1. Social media is not about selling, it’s about building relationships.

2. Share your Knowledge

The Scarecrow had the knowledge all along just as you do with your business, product or service. The willingness to share that knowledge and answer other people’s questions is a great way to build your name and reputation.

3. Have a Heart

The Tin Man was always able to demonstrate that he cared and was interested. It is important to do the same in order to help build trusting relationships because people do business with those who they know, like, and trust. It is vital to listen, observe and care about what others have to say because it is the best way to get them to care about you.

4. Keep Confident

The Lion had the courage, but he just needed to be pointed in the right direction and gain confidence. Social Media is all about being social, engaged, helpful, and friendly. You already know how to do that with family and friends, so just bring that same confidence to customers and clients. Show your sense of humor and be confident and others will be drawn to you.

5. Good Karma

The Good Witch was always looking to see where she could provide help. If you do the same by being willing to go out and share and provide meaningful and helpful content you will get it back. It is also important to build strong relationships because social media is a great way to make connections with others who will also be able to help you build your brand.

6. Follow the Facebook Road

Facebook is a great place to post fresh content, open discussions and share experiences with your customers. It is important to have your Facebook friends post reviews, share stories and ask questions.

7.  Facebook Path

Facebook is the face of your business, product or service. You are able to brand your business by adding photos and information. You want to use Facebook to form an interactive community using your wall posts, discussions and fan conversations.

8. Use Twitter as your Crystal Ball

Twitter is a place for you to follow discussions on topics you care about. You can start by watching people in your area of interest and then taking the time to listen and observe what they have to share. When you’re ready to go ahead and add to the conversation. Remember to be helpful and relevant. It is important to provide content that is useful and meaningful.

9. The Twitter Crystal Ball

You can use #Hash tag to follow conversations happening in real time, and go back and read some you may have missed. Twitter let’s your followers share your content with others. Using Twitter can also help you to expand your social network and find the influential people whom you want to build relationships with.

10. You have always had the power within and remember “There Is No Place Like Home”…Make sure you have something to share and then if they want more information – bring them back to your “Home” Web site, blog, or place you want them to learn more about you.

So how can you get started using social media? Remember nobody knows your business, product or service better then you do. Take time to build relationships, have the courage to know you’re providing content that is helpful, meaningful, and reverent. Take time to listen and observe what the trends are, where the conversations are happening, and who the important people are. The crystal ball is using Twitter to be able to see all that is happening in real time. You want to use social media to continue to build your brand, so think about where “home” is and make sure you drive your leads, traffic, and contacts back to where you can continue to build relationships with them to grow your brand and business.



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